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Getting Started Homeschooling

Greetings! I'm Rebecca Kochenderfer, mother of three, CEO of homeschool.com, and author of the books Homeschooling and Loving It, Joyful Homeschooling and The Joy Journal. Whether you are new to homechooling or you are still considering the idea, we have a lot to talk about!
Homeschooling is easier now than when I began teaching my children twenty years ago. Thanks to the internet, students can connect with peers and educators from around the world. Online resources, many of which are free, enable students to delve deep into any subject they desire. Homeschooling co-ops and alternative learning centers are providing community for our kids. As homeschooling becomes a more mainstream, affordable and accepted option, the home-learning landscape is an increasingly diverse and exciting one.
If you decide to embark on your own homeschooling adventure, you'll have your share of beautiful days bursting with spontaneous craft projects, hands-on science experiments, field trips and family read-alongs. But I'll be honest with you; there will be hard days too. As a homeschooling mom, I didn't always feel confident that we were doing things "correctly." I often yearned for a road map—a guide to reassure me when things got tough. This longing inspired me to launch homeschool.com where I aim to support folks just like you.
For inspiration, information and opportunities to connect with homeschoolers in your area, explore homeschool.com's links below. Don't let the amount of information there overwhelm you. Relax. Pour a cup of tea and read slowly.
I wish you and your children much joy and peace on whatever educational path you choose to travel. If, after exploring this site, you still have questions, please feel free to contact me at
Homeschool.com has all of the information you need to begin your homeschooling adventure. The links below will help get you started. Visit and linger for a while. Share what you learn there with your children. Imagine the wonderful possibilities awaiting you and your family.


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