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 Updated February 2018




Looking for some freebies to use in your homeschool this February? You've come to the right place! It seems many places are extra-generous this month, and we don't want you to miss out on any of them. Here, we've collected several freebies and have placed them all in one post for you.
Elementary Freebies

  • Your kids can learn how to type with these free keyboarding games!
  • Need a game to help your kids learn the spelling or vocabulary words you've chosen for them? Try all aspects of VocabularySpellingCity out for FREE!
  • Learning phonics is important for anyone learning to read. If your young one struggles with phonics or you're looking for a way to help cement the skills you've taught, try some free phonics games.

Middle and High School Freebies

  • High School Transcript Templates - Take the stress out of creating transcripts with the FREE templates here. Available both as a PDF and Word document, you'll find these templates very easy to use. To make sure you have everything you need when you create your transcript, be sure to use the free high school credit planner first.
  • Poetry Unit Study - If you love poetry and are looking for a way to pass that love on to your children, try using this free poetry unit study. In it, you'll find easy-to-use ideas for teaching your children about poetry and you'll find many opportunities for the kids to write their own poems.
  • Is your high school student preparing to take the SAT or ACT? If so, check out the collection of free SAT resources here.

Multigrade Freebies

  • Grammar is something kids learn every year but at different levels. Take the pain out of learning grammar with these free grammar games designed for kids of all ages - including high school.
  • Need some printable enrichment for your child? Whether you're looking for worksheets on animals, plants, math, or art, you'll find free worksheets for any topic. You can also separate worksheets by grade level.
  • Analogies can be tricky and can stump even adults! Let your kids practice their skills with analogies using these free games for analogies.
  • Planning your lessons just got easier! Whether you're using an online curriculum or have your students using textbooks, you'll find this free homeschool planner useful.
  • Science enrichment is helpful to all students! If you're looking for more enrichment for your student, try using these free science printables.
  • Many families thrive with a family calendar because everyone knows when others have activities going on or when the family has appointments.
  • Secular Homeschool offers free homeschool curriculum that isn't based on any particular religious beliefs.

Sometimes homeschool moms aren't sure how to gage their student's writing. Time4Writing offers a free writing test to help determine whether your student needs writing remediation..



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