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 February 1, 2016





Homeschool.com's FREEBIE FEBRUARY is in full swing! Have you visited our most popular event of the year?

Here is a list of just some of the freebies that are available:

  • The Homeschool.com Free Tool Bar - our readers LOVE it!
  • Many FREE Items from Homeschool.com
  • A $1000 Gift Card from MathCelebrity (one winner)
  • Over 550 Educational Freebies from Educents
  • FREE Copies of Easy Grammar's Guide for Parents
  • A Set of Dinosaur Toys from 4Knowledge-4Fun ($56 Value, two sets are available to win)
  • FREEBIES from Time4Learning
  • Free Art Lessons from ArtAchieve
  • Free - 1 Week Subscription to HealthyKidsInc
  • Explorer Packages from The Adventurous Mailbox ($99 Value – 3 are Available to Win)
  • FREEBIES from Writing with Sharon Watson
  • FREE Access to Over 100k Educational Videos, Images, Interactives, Lesson Plans, and Articles from PBS LearningMedia
  • FREE Homeschooling Advice
  • A 1 Year Subscription to the KidCoder or TeenCoder Online Computer Programming Course of Your Choice (one winner, $145+ Value), from Homeschool Programming Inc.
  • FREE Worksheets from Pattern Play Math
  • Info on FREE Reading, Writing and Spelling Websites
  • FREE February Holiday Materials
  • FREE 1-Year Subscription to the Dove Channel-Hundreds of Family-Friendly Movies ($59.88 Value – 10 are Available to Win)
  • FREEBIES from SpellingCity
  • FREE Spanish Mini Lessons and Activities for Kids Grades 3-8 from Spanish for You!
  • A FREE Course from the e-Learning Center
  • FREE copies of the book The Trojan Horse Traitor, written by Amy C. Blake ($14.99 Value – 3 are Available to Win)
  • FREE Bilingual Subscription Boxes from Kids' Candor
  • FREE 4 Week Trials from Reading Eggs
  • FREE Homeschooling Planners
  • FREE Economic Courses from Common Sense Education
  • FREEBIES from Grammar 4Kids – plus, ONE Grammar 4Kids Learning Program will be Given Away ($59 Value)
  • FREE 30 Day Trial to Tales2goo
  • FREEBIES from Global Student Network
  • Info on FREE Programming Websites
  • FREE Homeschool.com's Top 100 Educational Websites of 2016
  • FREEBIES from State History by a Helping Hand
  • FREE Ocean Literacy Course from Ocean First Education
  • FREE eBook Club for Kids from Blue Manor Education
  • FREEBIES from the Homeschool Buyers Co-op
  • FREE Worksheets and Printables from Super Teacher Worksheets
  • Free 15 Day Trial from eTAP
  • Freebies from Uplifting Education
  • FREE Coloring Pages and Printables from Doodles Ave
  • FREE Online First Aid Training
  • FREE Music Materials
  • FREE Reading Train Apps
  • FREE 14 Day Trial to UEIS Workshop
  • FREE 52 Week Cooking Curriculum from Here We Are Together
  • WIN FREE Curriculum from HomeschoolOutfitters
  • Info on FREE Math Websites

Freebie February - what a great idea!



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