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 October 27, 2015

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It's not too late to make this school year GREAT!

If your current environment is not the best fit for your child, don't wait! You can still make this a great school year. At Calvert, we enroll students throughout the year. Take a look at just some of the comments on the Calvert Facebook page about parents that have made the switch to homeschool mid-year.
Calvert's curriculum is time-tested and teacher-approved. We have helped thousands of families educate their children at home. From complete curriculum to individual math courses, Calvert offers an exceptional academic experience. Visit our website to learn more about course specifics for each grade.

Calvert's K–10 curriculum provide exceptional academics along with more certified educator support than other programs, plus this year Calvert has launched The Calvert Teaching Navigator, a new online teaching tool to make homeschooling easier and more flexible than ever before.

Call Calvert, and within days, all the materials you need will be delivered to your door, including:

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If your current education situation isn't making the grade,
don't wait, call Calvert today!


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