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 May 30, 2017

A Conference for Alternative
Educators – that's You!

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GREAT Discount for Homeschool.com Readers - The AERO 5-day Conference costs $275 but Homeschool.com readers can register for $175! Just click on this link.

Our nonprofit, AERO (Alternative Education Resource Organization) has many homeschoolers and unschoolers in our network, and we have helped many people start homeschool resource centers and groups. We help people start educational alternatives that are learner-centered and have helped start over 100 to date. These include organizations such as Pono in Manhattan; Kalapa in Colombia; Freedom to Grow Unschool in GA; Free-Range Learning Co-op in FL; Raw Learning in Staunton, VA; and A Place to Grow in Stroud, England--just to name a few. Many of these came about through our online course to help people start new learner-centered alternatives.
We also have a
conference every year. This year, it will be at Long Island University's Post Campus August 2-6. There will be 50 workshops, lots of networking, documentary films, exhibitors, Minecraft, virtual reality demonstrations, and several keynotes from well-known educators including unschooling expert Dayna Martin.

Dayna writes, "I will speak about educational freedom and how to facilitate learning based on what a child loves and is passionate about. I will share how learning never ends and that the role of child-centered education is very involved, hands-on and not neglectful or disengaged. I'll also discuss partnership-based parenting and how a solid foundation of connection and trust is beneficial for living and learning together as a family and why."
We always keep the price of the conference at an affordable level for people in our network. The whole 5 days is currently $275 but members of Homeschool.com can register for $175 by clicking on this link. Of course, the New York City area is expensive, which is why we have arranged for people to stay in the college dorms. Special arrangements can be made for families – just e-mail
or call the AERO office at 516-621-2195. There is no required food expense; you can eat in the very affordable cafeteria, go out, or even bring your own food!
We look forward to welcoming many people from Homeschool.com into our network.



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