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 May 15, 2017
Don't Let Your Kids Go Down This Slide

According to research, your children will lose two months of grade level equivalency in mathematical computation skills over the summer months. Some students also lose more than two months in reading achievement during this same time. You made such great gains this homeschool year; don't let your children go backwards during the summer.
Homeschool.com's new book
The Summertime Survival Guide for Parents:

Helps students catch up academically and gives them a head start on the coming school year.
Helps you plan a summer that's so much fun your kids won't want to spend all their time on TV and video games.
Shows you how to keep summer boredom away by creating fun learning centers in your home in just 4 easy steps.
Keeps kids from getting into trouble by giving them constructive things to do over the long summer months.



Homeschool.com's Product Testers have given the book two thumbs up!

"Parents can take the summer to bond with their children and expose them to activities they might like, instead of filling it up with random camps that simply suck away creativity and only act as day care." - Shelly Gupta (Parent)
"I LOVE the concept of your book. I think it's a beautiful way to bring parents into summer education." - Nicole Allen (Parent)
"As the mom of five homeschooled children plus an infant, I enjoyed and recommend this book because the ideas are easy and inexpensive. I can also suggest this book to parents who may have no idea what to do with their children over the summer."
- Jonneshia Lewis (Parent)
  Resources like yours help me find motivation and inspiration in addition to the practical tips and "how-tos." I liked that some of the ideas were easy to implement and required very little prep time (many chapter 6 ideas) while other ideas were for the more advanced thinker who may have done the "easier" ideas already (like setting up discovery stations). - Jenny Schae (Parent)  

Wondering how to pull it all together? Check out our FREE planner for planning your summer of wonder, discovery and fun!

  About the author: Our very own Rebecca Kochenderfer wrote The Summertime Survival Guide for Parents. Her books are available on Amazon. She has been homeschooling for over 20 years and is the founder of Homeschool.com. The techniques and suggestions in this book work with every type of curriculum, for every age level, and for every type of homeschooler. They will work for you too.




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