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Give them Permission to Lose!
October 3, 2013
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Are you home schooling a gifted child?
Give them Permission to Lose!
Are you home schooling a gifted child? If so, you have a unique set of opportunities and challenges ahead of you including teaching your child how to lose.
Resiliency is one of the most important behaviors that a child can learn to be successful in adult life. Resiliency itself is a combination of a variety of skills that include things like confidence, character, contribution, coping and control. Learning those skills requires some effort and can be even more challenging with a gifted child. Being labeled a gifted child has its own baggage because in reality that child is likely good at a number of things but not so good at others. Many gifted children carry a fear of 'not' being gifted at everything they touch and will often avoid activities or subjects they know they aren't particularly good at. So it is important to create opportunities to allow your child to lose, learn and try again.
Game play can be a wonderful way to help build resiliency in children as they learn that they may not always end up winning a game even though they are the 'gifted' person at the table. Other factors may enter the playing field that results in an unexpected outcome or better results for another player. Learning that they don't need to win in order to be successful or gifted is a great lesson to have early in life, and will go a long way in building the confidence and character that allows them to move forward when life's challenges are presented.
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