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5 Reasons Online Music Lessons are BETTER than Traditional Lessons
March 28, 2013
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Just about every parent wants their child to play an instrument. Parents understand the academic, social, and personal benefits that music offers. But did you know that online lessons have many benefits over local studio lessons? Rockfactory, the expert in live online music lessons (they've been providing online instruction successfully since 2004 ), suggests the top five reasons online lessons trump traditional lessons:

  • Online students tend to maintain a more consistent lesson schedule than students who take in-person lessons. Taking lessons from home is so convenient that the appointments rarely interfere with other activities--this is great for homeschoolers with hectic schedules.
  • Children enjoy interacting online and working with video on their computer, and they typically concentrate better online than in person. Better! Without the distractions caused by a traditional lesson environment, kids maintain focus on the activity of the lesson.
  • Online lessons work perfectly with home school programs. Some of Rockfactory's most successful online students are those who mix weekly music lessons with traditional home school activities.
  • The ability to record and save every lesson your child takes. Instead of just taking home a written page of music to study, your child can review the actual live lesson video over and over again until he's learned it. This is a HUGE benefit!
  • Your child will learn to download and work with useful free software tools and online musical resources, on her own computer. Another HUGE benefit--your child can learn additional skills while learning to play an instrument-a twofer!

Please call or email Rockfactory if you're interested in a demonstration
215-860-7625 or

Rockfactory online guitar lessons are face-to-face personal lessons (using web based, real-time video conference software), with real instructors. This is a screen shot of Rockfactory's video lesson software in use.


The software runs directly in your web browser and is at the cutting edge of usability, effectiveness, and simplicity. Anyone with an Internet connection, microphone, headphones, and web cam (optional) can learn in this manner. Setup is instant and requires absolutely no software download. It works on PC, Mac, and Linux, with just about any modern web browser with Flash installed. If you can browse the web, you can use their lesson software - it's as easy as going to a web page! Children as young as five can take lessons. Parents can too! Interested in learning guitar with your child? You can! Adults tend to be less self-conscious about their own playing when taking lessons at home.

Another plus? The
instructors at the Rockfactory are first-rate--they are REAL musicians, with backgrounds in music education. Nick Antonaccio, the founder of Rockfactory (and the instructor that will be teaching the online guitar lessons) has a Master's degree in guitar studies from Indiana University. He wrote the curriculum for guitar courses at IU, as well as the curriculum for several K-12 programs.

Perhaps the excellent instructors are the 6th benefit to online guitar lessons--if they're online lessons from the

Please call or email Rockfactory if you're interested in a demonstration
215-860-7625 or



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