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NetSupport Making Your Homeschooling Easier!

July 18, 2013
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Why should traditional classrooms get all the benefits? NetSupport School now available for homeschoolers; innovative yet easy to deploy student monitoring and instructional software.

For Homeschool.com readers--a FREE 30-day trial! All features included!
See if NetSupport School helps make your homeschooling endeavors a little easier.

NetSupport School offers:

  • Real-time instruction--you can deliver engaging presentations by sharing the content on your computer screen on your children's screens.
  • Virtual whiteboard--access to a full page whiteboard supported by a wealth of drawing tools--and again, you can share your computer screen with your students.
  • Internet co-browse--allows you to open selected websites and synchronize these with the browser on each of your kids' PCs. As you navigate across a website, your students' PCs follow.
  • Ability to view student activity--allows you to monitor your kids' computers--see high quality scalable thumbnails of each computer screen or zoom to focus on an individual screen.
  • Remote control--you can discretely take control of the screen, keyboard and mouse of each or any of your kids' computers when your assistance is needed.
  • Move information--you can transfer files between your computers and your kids' computers using a simple drag and drop interface--you can hand out and automatically collect files easily.
  • Student journal--during a typical class, all appropriate items relating to a subject can be captured and automatically included in a PDF file for post-lesson review by each child. You can see an example of a journal here.
  • Student testing and quiz capability--you can design tests and multimedia examinations with a minimum of effort, including text, picture, audio and video questions.
  • Control Internet use--NetSupport School allows you to instantly see which sites your kids are visiting and, if needed, take remedial action to block access. This saves you money--as you don't need to purchase a web browser product that does a similar function.
  • Many more time-saving options!

The entire list of NetSupport School features can be seen here as well as a growing library of complimentary training videos. Best of all, you can try a FREE fully featured 30-day trial to see if NetSupport School helps make your homeschooling endeavors a little easier.



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