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September 20, 2012
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Discover the Math Genius in Every Child

How often have you publicly announced that you can't do math? "It's OK you're not good at math," friends say, "I'm the same way". Children overhearing this grow up believing that they need a "math gene" to do well and that they are helpless to improve their skills and knowledge. In reality, math is a subject that everyone, even young children, can easily succeed in. And success in math develops the self-confidence, and cognitive and executive skills children need to do well academically and socially.

"I want to help," you say, "But I was horrible at math. How am I supposed to teach it"? Believe it or not, JUMP Math has found that many adults who once struggled with math rediscover the subject as they teach it. And those who have experienced the frustration of their own struggles can empathize with their students and often become the best teachers.

JUMP Math can provide support for both you and your child. Called a "A Better Way to Teach Math" by the New York Times, JUMP Math reaches over 90,000 children worldwide. Based on the belief that all teachers can teach math and all students can learn math and both can enjoy it, JUMP Math is designed so that anyone who wants to teach a child can achieve good results.

JUMP Math resources provide clear and simple methods to help you:
  • Break math concepts into small, manageable steps that are clearly explained at a child's pace
  • Guide your child's exploration and discovery of math concepts so the lesson remains focused
  • Use hints to help children discover the solution independently so their confidence remains high
  • Provide practice so your child can develop mastery
  • Create progressively harder yet manageable challenges, and provide immediate feedback
  • Let your child know that it is alright to get the wrong answer, as long as your child perseveres. The important thing is to stay positive, get more information and try something different
  • Create opportunities for children to show off their math abilities and celebrate success

Research has shown that JUMP Math works. In 2011, preliminary findings of a randomized controlled study by Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children, The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education and the University of Toronto found that the math knowledge of children using JUMP Math grew twice as much as that of children using other programs.

Most importantly, children who use JUMP Math develop mastery and a deep passion for the subject. They discover the math genius within and learn to enjoy math. Here's what some Grade 5 students say about JUMP Math:


The Teacher's Guides are key to your success when using JUMP Math.
They contain effective, easy to use lesson plans, math problems, mental math exercises, games and activities, unit tests, answer keys and curriculum guides. They are complemented by Assessment & Practice (AP) Books to help you assess your children's understanding while giving them practice to consolidate skills and concepts.

You can view sample pages and order print copies of all of the JUMP Math books online. JUMP Math recommends you start with their free confidence building unit called "Getting Ready for JUMP Math: Introductory Unit Using Fractions".

As a charity that helps children learn math, JUMP Math does their best to keep their resources affordable. If you need financial help, digital copies of their Teacher's Guides can be downloaded at no charge from their website.

The JUMP Math numeracy program was started in 1998 by award-winning mathematician, playwright and author, Dr. John Mighton at his kitchen table in Toronto. Today, it reaches over 90,000 children in homes, classrooms and after-school programs worldwide. It is based on the belief that all children can learn math, all teachers can teach math, and both can enjoy it. The JUMP Math philosophy and methods are outlined in Dr. Mighton's national best-selling book, "The Myth of Ability: Nurturing Mathematical Talent in Every Child", and its follow-up "The End of Ignorance". JUMP Math released the first of its US Common Core titles in 2012, with the objective of completing 1st through 8th grades for the 2013-14 school year. www.jumpmath.org



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