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September 25, 2012
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Allow your child to explore new, challenging subjects in a safe, one-on-one tutoring environment with InstaEDU. Whether your student wants to learn more about statistics or dive into computer programming, InstaEDU's tutors can help him or her learn and understand complex subjects in a fun, social way (and you won't have to teach yourself to code).

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What makes InstaEDU amazing?

Top-notch tutors: All InstaEDU tutors are current students or recent graduates of top colleges like Harvard and Stanford and all have been individually screened for teaching experience and ability.

Face-to-face online lessons: Students and tutors have access to video chat, a whiteboard, file uploading and collaborative document editing to make each lesson as effective and efficient as possible.

Flexible sessions: Because lessons happen online, your child can work with a tutor for as long (or short) as you'd like. Connect with someone the moment a question arises, or plan weekly sessions.

Affordable rates: InstaEDU tutoring starts at just 40¢/minute, compared to $100+/hour for traditional private tutoring. Get a quick question answered for less than the cost of a latte.

Live, On-demand Academic Support
Even though you're a master at teaching most subjects, every student has questions their parents/teachers can't answer. When it comes to obscure and advanced topics, InstaEDU connects students with a subject expert the moment they have a question, so they can immediately explore anything that interests them - from mechanical engineering to astronomy (and everything in between). Let your child go from having a question about neuroscience to discussing it with a neurobiology major at Princeton in under a minute!

Weekly Lessons
For students who are ready to explore college-level and other advanced courses, weekly time with a tutor can be the perfect complement to your existing lesson plans. Now you can set your child up with a math major at MIT who can work collaboratively with your current teaching plan and schedule. It's great for students who want to try a new language, too!

SAT and ACT Prep
Is your child preparing for the SAT or ACT? Set up a study plan designed to help him or her get a top score with InstaEDU test prep. InstaEDU's tutors design a custom course for each student to ensure the best chance of success. Just choose your tutor, and InstaEDU will provide the materials, practice tests and instruction needed to ace the exam.

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