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FlashKids -- Activities Kids Love

October 16, 2012
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FlashKids Free Downloads--Preschool--6th Grade

What are sight words? And when is the best time to teach your child how to read? At what age do you introduce the multiplication tables?  In a sea of information, it's often hard to know exactly what your child should be learning.

Let Flash Kids introduce the key skills for each age and stage--and offer the guidance you need to help your child achieve success every step of the way.

Flash Kids offers serious learning tools with a lively, lighthearted feel. Developed in accordance to educational standards, the flashcards and workbooks cover essential math, reading, and language arts skills in a way that makes learning easy. Clear directions, charming art, and comprehensive answer keys allow children to work independently and with confidence.

Flash Kids products include:

Preschool Series

Created for children aged 3 to 5, Preschool Skills workbooks present the fundamentals of math and reading. Colors, shapes, opposites, phonics, numbers, and letters provide a solid foundation for later learning.

Preschool Activities

Created for children aged 3 to 5, the Preschool Activities series takes a hands-on approach to teaching the fine motor skills children need to begin writing letters and numbers. Engaging themes and fresh art make every book an adventure.

Write-On Wipe-Off Learning Cards

Write-On Wipe-Off Learning Cards use bright, cheerful art to make discovering numbers, letters, shapes, and preschool skills a delightful game. Essential skills can be practiced again and again!

Flash Skills

The most specific math and reading workbooks on the market, Flash Skills provide focused instruction on the essential skills that every child must master to succeed in school. 

Flash Cards

Presenting a wide range of important concepts--from basic shapes to multiplication, from simple letters to rhyming words--Flash Kids Flash Cards make learning a fun game for kids from preschool to sixth grade.

Sight Words

Learning to recognize common words that don't follow regular spelling rules--and can't be "sounded out"-- is an important step to becoming a strong reader. The engaging activities in this workbook teach 220 of these essential words in a structured format that encourages independent work. Fun games and puzzles keep children's interest level high, unit tests review and reinforce new vocabulary.

Summer Study Books

Practicing key skills through the summer break prepares children to excel in the next school year. The Sumer Study series reviews topics learned in the previous year and introduces concepts that will be taught in the next grade--including math, language arts, social studies, and science. The Daily Activities series focuses exclusively on math and reading, reviewing one skill for each day of the summer break!

Gifted Series

Gifted students need much more than standard workbooks. The gifted series challenges your child to think at a higher level and learn at his or her own pace.

Explore the Flash Kids site to discover more about their products and find dozens of reading and math worksheets to get your child started with Flash Kids today!


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