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 April 27, 2016

Homeschool Days are back!


Act quickly to secure your special rates and programs.
Colonial Williamsburg


Colonial Williamsburg's Homeschool Days
September  10-25, 2016


Get your hands (and even your feet!) dirty and enjoy huge savings on engaging, immersive programs in American history. Act quickly to secure your special rates and programs. For details, call 1-800-228-8878 or email groupsales@cwf.org
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Special programming just for you:


Dig! For Home Educators


This hands-on excavation gives participants a brief introduction to archaeological digging, screening, and lab work on the site of an 18th-century storehouse. Excavated in 1946, this cellar was later backfilled with many of its artifacts. Participants have the opportunity to re-recover these materials and learn how archaeologists use them to explore the past.

Brick Oven

Brick Wall From Start to Finish


Visit the Brickyard where young apprentices help you discover the art and mystery of the trade. Help with the many tasks, from treading clay to molding bricks to building a wall. Join in the barefoot fun – you might find you have a hidden talent of your own!

African American Music

Juba, Shakers & Bells: African American Music in the 18th Century


Here in the colonies, music became the expressions and spirit of the African-American community and was truly enmeshed in all parts of the hustle and bustle in life. Through this hands-on program, discover the music, hear the sounds, and join in the rhythms of yesteryear. Music will be your key to unlocking the unique secrets of the past! Recommended for children, who must be accompanied by a ticketed adult.

An Exceeding Good Cook

An Exceeding Good Cook: Exploration of African American Foodways


Join African-American Foodways as we venture into the world and culture of 18th-century African cuisine. Uncover the traditions, smell the food, and hear the stories of these remarkable cooks of the past. You might discover you have some culinary skills too, and the makings of a remarkable chef!

George Washington at Wythe House

Objects & the Stories They Tell: a Behind the Scenes Look in the World of Collections


Go behind the scenes at Colonial Williamsburg's Wythe House and discover how George Washington used it as his headquarters for two weeks prior to the siege on Yorktown. You will have the opportunity to get up close and personal with an expert curator, and the objects that show how George Washington prepared with our French allies to defeat the British and win our independence. What secrets will you uncover? What mysteries will the objects tell?

Life of a Soldier

Life of a Soldier


To live the life of a soldier, we invite you to go back in time to 1778 and enlist in the Virginia State Garrison Regiment. Sign your name in the regimental daybook, meet your sergeant on your first day of training, receive your orders, and be assigned living quarters. Learn to march and practice the musket exercise. Watch demonstrations of loading and firing the cannon.
Recommended for children 7-12, who must be accompanied by a ticketed adult.

Bits and Bridles

Bits and Bridles


Interested in the animals and carriages in the Revolutionary City? Discover Colonial Williamsburg's modern stable and rare breed programs. Guests will have the opportunity to view facilities and vehicles, and discuss animal care and training.


Mother Goose’s Riddles and  Rhymes Tour

Mother Goose's Riddles and
Rhymes Tour


Explore around the Powell family's property with Mother Goose in mind.


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